MIRRORS – Poetry Anthology

Paperback Edition Now Available!

Two teenage cousins loved to write poetry in the 1980s before the internet was a thing. Thirty years later, after marriages, divorces and children, Kari and Terrie’s shared dream of publishing a book is finally realized.

Topics near and dear to their hearts–crushes, breakups, friendship, pets, books and nature–are the focus of poems in this nostalgic collection.

Beautiful, full-color illustrations and personal photos bring their words to life, preserving a little piece of history. This print edition has been reorganized and redesigned and includes additional photos and commentary.

What readers are saying:

“I liked the mixture of excitement and moodiness. The poems speak directly to the young hearts, appealing to their appreciation and to the old with nostalgia. A nice present for young nieces.” ~Kolitsoe~

“Love the simplicity and sense of anticipation of what’s to come next. Some pieces have a wonderful sensory appeal. The rhyme in The Inquiry packs a solid punch compared to the suitable free verse in To Feel Good. This collection is a solid tribute to friendship.” ~Michelle~

Sneak Peek:

Part I | Thoughts
Part II | Sharing
Part III | Love
Part IV | Love Not
Part V | Stories & Things
Index of Poems
About the Authors

Discovery excerpt:

Inside it, to my amazement, was a stack of papers from thirty years ago. Handwritten on the outside were the words, “Poetry Book final copies.”

Finale excerpt:

Uniform paragraphs are appropriate for novels and self-help books, but poetry begs to be presented creatively. For the majority of the poems, I took a different approach at formatting which was loads of fun. If you look carefully, you will likely detect some of my hidden messages.


I shiver from the cold,
and I pull up my blankets
as I listen to the rain outside.
Thunder shakes the house,
and a flash of lightning strikes.
The dog at my feet runs to hide.

I could feel the storm coming,
when I woke up this morning
And I watched as the sky changed to black.
The wind had turned sharp,
and the air told the warning
of harsh weather never to slack.

As the storm rages on,
I move to switch off the light.
Though knowing I’m safe,
I lay there quiet and still.
Drifting off to sleep
I dream of blue skies on a sunny day.
While outside, the night has grown calm
and begins to lose its chill.

~ Karolyn Hansen ~

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